Monday, August 22, 2011

Facebook: every LIKE counts!

Can't get enough of our 6-year-old honorary member? Below are drawings that Joseph made and showed our seniors when he visited the group a couple weeks ago. Thank you Renee (Joseph's grandmother and Beatrice's daughter) for your sweet words on Facebook just now:

Hi, Benita and everyone. I'm sorry that it took me such a long to get back to you but I had the most beautiful time with you when I was in Philly. My grandson had such a wonderful time. He loves to read and write stories too. I love to write too. Hopefully next time I will read some of my stories. God bless you all and keep on writing.
Hi, Renee - So good to hear from you. Made my day! I know Beatrice loved seeing you guys there, so yes you have to come out to Philly and visit us again soon - bring more family... we know you have a gigantic bunch, bring 'em all!

And hi, Readers - We know you live all over the world and may not be able to visit physically, but you can still let our seniors know you are out there listening to their stories. How? Facebook! Simply click HERE to see our Facebook page, then press the LIKE button, and ask your friends to do the same. It would just take you a second but would mean the world to us. Every LIKE counts. Your support on Facebook directly fuels our seniors' confidence and keeps them writing week after week. Thank you.