Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hazel (Uptown Trash) and Joe (Remembrance)

Well well well I looked at today’s date and what do you know… it’s 6 months till my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day. Silly I know but I am always looking for a good excuse for romantic stories! So ok, are you ready for a mini emotional roller coaster? In the next minute, you may burst into an uncontrollable giggle and go on to drop a slight tear. We are talking serious romance today: not for the faint of heart ;) !

Hazel Nurse
Uptown Trash

Several years ago in the Atlantic City High School lunch room, my friend, Dorris introduced me to a young man who needed a date for his senior prom.  At fourteen years of age, I heartedly accepted his invitation eagerly anticipating this new experience.

On prom night he appeared in a rented tuxedo with a corsage of red roses in hand. After attaching it to my older sister’s full length gown, I was excited.  He ushered me to the back seat of a long jitney chauffeured by a friend of his family. After a farewell from “mom” and a lecture from “dad” insuring my return before midnight, we were off to an enjoyable evening.

Through the years we corresponded and after one heated discussion I decided to end our friendship and called him, “Uptown Trash”.  However, although I cut him off of a photo, we were married eight years later.

Joe Garrison
Day of Remembrance

This day has two meanings for me.  It’s my sister’s wedding anniversary and also the birthdate of someone very close to me.  If Debra was still here, today would be her 58th birthday.  I remember on this day 4 years ago she came to visit me and we went out for lunch that day.  Any visit from her was special but this was a milestone in our relationship.  After we enjoyed lunch, we came back to my apartment and I placed a gold ring on her finger.  At that moment I felt as though I was king of the world because I felt so deeply in love with her, and her with me.  We shared a long embrace and a meaningful kiss.

It is a coincidence that the song, “You Light Up My Life” was written by a man named Joseph and it was for a girl named Debbie.  It was a hit record.

Even though she is no longer with us, I will do my best and keep Debbie’s name and her memory alive.  I’ll never get over her.  She was a beautiful, sweet girl.  That’s what she’ll always be for me.