Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doris (Up in the Air)

You guys, it’s so hot here in Philly! Well, nothing beats the heat wave like an air conditioner story... and a laugh! This is what Doris wrote the first time she joined our class – and you know we’re a rowdy bunch, so can you imagine how loudly we were laughing? Oh yeah, we like funny, and we’ve enjoyed welcoming Doris into our group so much.
Doris Lang
Up in the Air!

My husband and I decided to put an air conditioner in and forgot to look to see if we had a window sill.  My husband threw it out of the window.  He was afraid he might have killed someone as we live on the second floor.  He bent over a table under the window to see if he hurt anyone, and the boy downstairs was holding it.  He told my husband to release the cord.  He said what cord?  The cord was under his stomach, and he did not know it.  The boy brought it up and it was fine.