Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brendan (Sweet Tooth)

Think the last blog post is as sweet as things get around here? Think again. Here’s Brendan, one of our incredible Satellite Class co-leaders, showing us all how to treat a lady just right… honor her with an all-out sugar poem of course!!

Can’t get enough of Brendan? You’re in luck! Hang out with him tomorrow at our summer satellite class, which meets every Wednesday 4-5:30pm at the Free Library of Philadelphia Room 108. Tomorrow is session 6 of 8 - can you believe how fast summertime has flown by? Check out how much that class has grown in the past 5 weeks by visiting www.ourbestdaysofar.com. I can’t be more proud of Brendan and our satellite crew- you guys are doing a fantastic job!

And now, back to the romance. Ready, set, blush!

Brendan O’Hara
Sweet Tooth

My sweet heart
gave me my sweet tooth
you see
before I met her
my favorite dessert was
maybe a dinner roll
or some warm pumpernickel
perhaps a piece of toasted rye
or grandma’s famous cinnamon loaf.
I spent my childhood quenching my palate
with grains and wheats.
But then she came along,
my sweet tooth, my sweetheart, my
Emily Jean,
with her perfect row of teeth
and her predilection for
cavitied food.
you see she loves
and tarts
and pies.
And so she proceeded to win over
my enamels with
boston crèmes and
lemon meringues,
rhubarb bars and
apple tarts.
I couldn’t finish an
evening without a scoop of
something with butter or sugar
or heavy cream.
But I have never regretted a moment of our 2.5 year
or the twenty pound that I have put on
in the process.
and she loves the new fat on my body
so much so that
she recently got me my very own
membership at the