Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yesterday - A Project Milestone

Our Launch Party yesterday was such a milestone for our unstoppingly, constantly growing project. Even as I stood there at the podium at Free Library of Philadelphia, sharing our project vision and plans for our first official satellite (to take place in 2 weeks at the same room of the event - visit our satellite blog to find out more) to the beautifully all-ages audience, I knew that moment - the event itself - was yet again breathing new life into the project. This project defies any boundary, any summary, and I am loving every moment of it. Loving that I get to grow with it. One thing I have grown to understand is how to balance my roles as our organization's leader and the the leader of the original class. How to think and act with purpose, but still every Thursday let loose and allow myself to enjoy the company of my senior buddies, my co-leader Dee, and the other volunteers and the teens who visit our original class every chance they get. And to learn from everyone else in the room.

Today, after all the excitement of yesterday's public event, we had class as usual, and I thought to myself, this right here is where I belong. Especially as this project and its digital AND physical community continues to broaden, it's the depth of the friendship at our original table that defines the heart and soul of our project.

Many members of my amazing volunteer team worked for months towards yesterday's event, and many of them shared some very moving words at the podium. For many months, I had been cheering for each of them every step of the way, and was just so proud to see them shine. Madi, our teen intern and satellite blogger, opened her speech by saying, "This project means so much to me." And THAT right there just means so much to me. I can keep naming the sentences that moved me. I can draw you pictures of all the happy flashbacks of yesterday that I am getting today. But there are really so many.

The TV station 6abc and the radio station WHYY were there yesterday too, and we'll share the broadcasts here with you as they go online. Our hope is that these broadcasts can prompt more seniors and teens to join our satellite class (7/13-8/31). And with all sincerity, please really do help us reach out to the seniors and teens in your community to attend our class as well. A flier with meeting time and place (as well as a very fun video by one of our satellite co-leaders!) can be found on Madi's blog

Stay tuned for my senior buddies' stories, from today, of yesterday's event. Their perspectives are so beautiful. I really can't wait for you to read those.

Big thanks to professional photographer Mark Garvin who is also Madi's dad ;) for capturing the event with the photos above. Visit our Facebook album where we will be posting more photos.

Thank you, everyone reading these words, for all your support.