Monday, June 6, 2011

Hattie, Isadora, Bri, Hazel (Hattie's Birthday)

You know how we roll here: we love to party! Did you know that a month into the founding of this class, the seniors already gave it the nickname Partytime? We’re loaded up with summer birthdays in our class, and of course we’re celebrating every single one!! (Yup, even as we prepare for our big 6/29 Satellite Launch Event, we can’t help throwing mini parties in the meantime!)

It’s funny and embarrassing because I’m the world’s worst/ most impatient baker so I used to bring in store-bought or just-add-water treats for the seniors’ birthdays… that is, until Dee started co-leading the class with me almost a year ago, and baking the world’s most delicious and beautiful desserts… yup, all from scratch, every single time. I am telling you, Dee is incredible, my perfect other half in so many ways!! So you guessed it, now our class is not only known as Partytime, but also the Eating Club, and the Dance Party. Recently we had fun celebrating Hattie’s birthday. Both Hazel and Hattie actually got up and rocked their Suzie-Q dance moves. So awesome, right?

Hattie Lee Ellerbe

It was May 10, 1944, my 11th birthday. I joyously ran down to “Uncle Bill’s” Shoe-Shine Parlor, screaming “it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday”. In my excitement I jumped too close to Jack. Jack was Bill’s dog and faithful companion. He must have thought I was attacking Bill, because he immediately jumped up and sank his teeth into my left foot. The scar is still there.

Daddy: Take her to the hospital.
Grandmom: Let me wash it out with Borax- she’ll be alright!
Daddy: No, take her to the hospital.

Daddy overruled and took me to Hahnemann Hospital where they washed the wound and sent me home to Grandmom who was waiting to say, “I told you.”

I am happy because that was 67 years ago and I have survived. Thank you God!!!

Isadora Fields
Birthday Wishes

Today is a beautiful day.  The sun is shining brightly.  Today is Hattie’s birthday.  I gave her a beautiful birthday card.  I am in the writing class.  It is a lot of fun.  I like listening to the many different stories written by the class.

Bri Kurmue
Back and in Tack

Returned from New York on Wednesday a.m.  Visited friend’s and enjoyed dinner and saw a few nice plays.  Glad to be with my favorite group of people today.

Happy Birthday Hattie . . . 78 +3 days years old!

So . . .    let me say
What a fabulous day
And maybe it will
Stay that way
So . . . let’s Suzie Q
Me and you
Hattie showed us how
And Hazel did too!

Peace, Bri.

Hazel Nurse
Suzie Q

Recently, realizing that the original of the title “Suzie Q” was foreign to me, I finally satisfied by curiosity after three trips to the public library.

Suzie Q was a dance move popular in the 1930’s. It was known as the “Heel Twist” or “Grind Walk” used in the “Salsa,” “Big Apple,” Lindy-Hop and other dances. Also a song hit written by Lil Hardin Armstrong was in honor of Suzie Jane Dwyer (maiden name Quealey).