Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Robert and Michael (Wonderful Differences)

And now, a journey through Michael’s life around the world. There is no better introduction than a few words by Robert. For those of you newer to this blog, Robert, Michael and Mo became best friends through our class, and we call them our 3 Musketeers. There’s no way to think about one of them without the other 2! Mo’s stories coming up in the next blog post!

Robert Leung
Wonderful Differences

I love to come to these meetings, because I’ve met different peoples, different ages, and most of all, all different races. Like myself and Michael, we are Chinese, but we’re both born in China. All through 3 different wars. It’s a hard and difficult life. First and 2nd World War, then the Japanese invasion, then after that the Communist government. It’s very different. It gives me a wonderful life to be living in the U.S. I learn a lot just like in this daily meeting. We have the old and young, the white and black and yellow, all kinds of color. It’s wonderful, different colors, different cultures, different ages, that’s why I love to come to this meeting. That’s what it’s all about and I’m happy to write these stories.

Michael Chan Man-Tin
War Time

I was born in the countryside of Soo Chow. Afterwards, the Second World War happened in the year 1935.
During the war time, we were suffering a lot troubles. We lost not only millions of people’s lives, but lots of monies and properties, and also the development of the national planning.
I had left school to work in the factory office and I worked hard for five years in Hong Kong. Then I had the chance to work in the garment factory from 1950 to 1990.
Afterwards, I joined another line of business until 2001. Then my daughter invited me to join her here in the United States.

Michael Chan Man-Tin
Building a Business

I was born in Shanghai’s Soo Chow on 2nd January 1933 and went to the big city and stayed there for about 5 years and then to Hong Kong by the year 1950. It was a big change as the dialect is completely different but the words are the same and the construction of the words are different. After a few years, I could join the commercial field to carry some business for ladies fashion skirts to export to the U.S.A. and other foreign countries European. Then I bought the properties for investment and collected the rent for a living.

Michael Chan Man-Tin
Step By Step

My life passes quickly. I have been in this city 5 years now. I used to wonder how I myself could be settled down here. I have to thank God for leading the way to follow. And I am being led. I have a lot of things to learn and find the people here are very friendly. They help me to – step by step – enjoy my life in the society and hopefully to know more and more of this society.

I am happy to learn more and more from the friends here and thank you for the help.

Best Wishes!