Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank You for Coming

Benita & her new bud. 7-year-old Baye stunned and inspired the entire auditorium when he raised his hand to ask our seniors, "What advice do you have for people my age?"

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to yesterday's event, and for making our seniors feel like the rockstars that they are! Below are some of the audience responses we've received. We will be sharing every single one of your responses with our seniors, and in time we WILL be answering all your questions. Please keep in touch via Facebook/Twitter/email - don't stop commenting and asking questions - our ears are always open.

I enjoyed listening to everyone’s thoughts. My heart was touched and I did cry!
-Kathleen K, age 27

Hi I’m Miyarrah (Miya). I am 11 years old. I would love to pledge a donation of $5.00. Your show was really inspiring. I loved it and I’m 11. One day I would love to volunteer, hope I can!
-Miyarrah D, age 11

As a senior who has just started doing yoga at the Senior Center, I would like to be a part of this class.
-Eileen H, age 73

I saw “multi-generational”, and from that moment I was impressed (this while getting my morning coffee at Starbucks). This is such a neat undertaking and I thank you for all of your hard work to bring diverse peoples (age, race, religion, socioeconomic status) together. That is the result when people seek to listen to others. Really liked the time/day of the event. Such much love and respect. Love the no frills, all heart approach. To the handsome and beautiful Seniors – Thank you so much for talking to us today. You are all such an inspiration. I loved seeing the confidence, strength, and joy. You are a special group
-Kaleigh E, age 24

You all rock! Such a great means of communicating and sharing ideas, stories, and love. People often forget that seniors are full of experience, wisdom, and life, so this was a fantastic refresher and way of getting to know everyone. Thanks for being such an inspiration, Benita!
-Monica G, age 27

I think this project is truly awesome (!) especially if you are a dreamer and love to hear about old times, good times, and stories of wisdom. My mother (Bea) never ceases to amaze me with words of inspiration. I would like to be a part of whatever event you sponsor moving forward and encourage/challenge seniors to put on a talent show. I’m so inspired by the group. Thanks!
-Evangela N, age 52

I think this program is great for seniors! I know many seniors who like to talk about their lives but do not have the opportunity to do so. A person could learn a lot by going to this program.
-Sam O, age 23

I think seniors are so full of wisdom – we really need to honor and respect their unique perspectives. So glad to see you providing a forum to showcase their talents and life experience. You should take it to a national level – call Oprah!
-Trish P, age 48

This is such a great idea and clearly something that so many people can benefit from. I hope it continues to grow and because it clearly brings so much joy to the seniors who tell their stories and those of us who listen. It’s great to see how much support the seniors offer each other.
-Kelly Q

Benita, this baby of your has been growing up and the future possibilities are endless. Expand your vision.
-Jay K

Thanks! This was very inspirational. How do I find out more about volunteering or getting involved? Thank you all for putting this event on today!
-Leah R, age 28

Wonderful! I would love to help this initiative grow. This is very valuable. Congratulations on getting this started.
-Jean R

I learned about TBDOMLSF from my girlfriend who is a volunteer. I am constantly impressed by the happiness that I see in her when she talks about the stories. To see the same joy on the faces of the seniors made for an uplifting day. Thank you.
-Drew P, age 23

I am privileged to have been introduced to this program and have been proud to lend my advice and experience to help it build and grow. You guys have a wonderful mission and message! Keep up the good work!
-William H, age 43

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I run writing groups in South Jersey and you have inspired me to expand into senior writing groups. I would be happy to volunteer, please contact me. I have run writing groups with urban teenage girls – we all loved it. It’s great that you are building bridges. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
-Valerie D, age 61

This program reiterated to me the fact that seniors are our walking, living, and breathing history. And most of what they have to say is not written in books. I enjoy them and their stories and I on a daily basis encourage people to get to know one of them or more a day. My mom is a great inspiration to us all and there are others like my mom out there.
-Sandra T, age 39

Very inspiring! Wonderful program!
-Laura H

I just got married young and wanted to keep on writing, but I have to know what inspired you to keep writing and how to keep doing it.
-Steph S, age 19

Thank you so much for coming and sharing your life stories. I was so inspired! And also encouraged to get to know my family better. Do you have some suggestions for what questions I should start to ask them?
-Rebecca L, age 26

What was your first job like? Pay? Work conditions? Bosses? Colleagues? How did your first job end? When, what decade was your first job?
-Carl R, age 58

Thanks very much for sharing your stories with us! It was great to meet you all.
I would love it if any of you could offer some words of wisdom for how to mend a broken heart?
-Gina A, age 32

I loved today. It warmed my heart and made me feel so positive.
I have a question that I’d love advice on: How have you learned to deal with heartbreak?
-Katie E, age 27

You all show a great deal of patience, courtesy, and kindness for one another that I really applaud. You show the ability to respect and learn from each other despite being from different backgrounds. Please offer your advice to people in this world who often do not respect each other enough. How can we all learn to listen better and break down boundaries between people from different backgrounds?
-Robert M, age 28

Benita, what a wonderful idea! I just loved listening to your seniors!
-Renee P, age 75

I love the concept of your organization and applaud you for bringing this group together to share their stories. Keep it going. We can learn so much from our elders if we only listen!
-Christine H