Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arthur (Broken Hearts)

Hope you've all had a belly-filling, holiday-tunes-humming, thanks-giving week. My husband and I put up (and glammed up) our skinny Christmas tree at our condo last night, and now, oh yeah, I am holiday-ready!

What's a holiday without a little heart-to-heart conversation? We made a promise on stage a couple weekends ago, which was to respond to every one of your comments and questions on our Event Audience Cards - and we're sticking to our word (it'll take time but it will happen!)  So, how did we pull the first question out of the pile last week in class? Well, not one but two of you asked it - so we thought maybe more of you out there may have the same question as well. You asked our seniors for advice on how to mend a heartbreak. Believe it or not, the men at the table were the most enthusiastic - I thought that was awesome, I was silently cheering for them inside for opening up like that.

I especially liked it when Richard (who is normally quiet) said right away, "For some reason, women feel like they're the only ones who get their hearts broken, but that's not true." He then went on to share about his dating experiences, from when he was 19 (when that relationship ended, he was convinced it was "the end of the world") all the way to now. As you can imagine, Richard's memories unleashed an energetic conversation around the table. This is what Arthur has to say.

Thanks very much for sharing your stories with us! It was great to meet you all.

I would love it if any of you could offer some words of wisdom for how to mend a broken heart?

-Gina A, age 32

I loved today. It warmed my heart and made me feel so positive.
I have a question that I’d love advice on: How have you learned to deal with heartbreak?

-Katie E, age 27

Arthur Murray
Broken Hearts

Outside of being nervous Sunday November 14 everyone was so nice and the people that came were very nice. I don’t know where to begin. I was excited and nervous. Also the event staff and volunteers were so nice.

Well, two audience members asked about what to do or how to react on a broken heart. I myself believe when or if your heart gets broken, first you must pray and ask your Lord and Savior to help you, guide you and he will answer your prayers. Keep faith in him, you can’t let the joneses get you down. It may be good to have an ace in the hole, (smile) to have more than one friend to relate to. Sometime we think we’re doing alright until we drop our guards down. In life you never, you never know, what tomorrow brings. I would love to know more about the situations that brought you the broken hearts.

As for myself, I have experienced it five times, on and off. 1973 was the last time we broke up. Every time I had my heart broken, I started singing more. So, I'd say, fall on the next thing you love to do in life. Get off a bus; get on another. I changed my surroundings by meeting new people in life, new love, new people, new energy. Mainly keep God in your life no matter who tells you not to. I don’t have to worry or regret anything now. I feel good whenever I do something good in life to help someone.