Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seniors' Storytelling Day: Jason's Photo Essay

Let's keep the photos rollin'! As promised, today we've got event photos from last Sunday by Jason Bachman. Want more? You got it. Just click Here to "like" us on Facebook and scroll through loads more pix.

For those of you who are newer to our blog (hey hey hey and welcome!!) we are always posting new pix - and FB is where they're at! FB/Twitter is also the easiest way to read our seniors' stories - as they are posted here on the blog, they get streamed right away onto your personal walls. And YES! The seniors do check FB/Twitter pages in class and love seeing your lil' profile pictures ;) so take a second to "like" and "follow" us and "suggest to friends" if you like what we're doing.

(Heading to class in a few hours... I am pretty sure today's gonna be a riot and everyone's gonna have a lot to talk and write about. Can't wait to show them all the pix, and can't wait to show YOU our seniors' stories about the past weekend!)