Monday, November 8, 2010

Have YOU Picked Out Your Party Outfits Yet?

The week we've been waiting for is finally here!! Sunday is not coming soon enough. Hope you like our Dress Rehearsal pics on Facebook. Click Here if you haven't seen them yet… or just want to see everyone's giant smiles again. We've got photos and of course we've got stories too! As you can see below, our seniors are busy inviting friends and picking out their outfits. So follow the seniors' lead and help us party it up by inviting your friends. The more the merrier!

BTW The crowd IS looking like it'll be pretty big on Sunday, so please be early to make sure you get a spot. We've got fun jam-packed into the hour so if you even miss one minute, you're gonna miss some serious good stuff… can't give it all away here… all I can say is we're starting with a bang, and you'll find out soon what I mean ;)

Beatrice Newkirk
Our Trip to The Library

I am looking forward to the November 14 trip to the Library.  I know we will have some fun.  Some of my kids are coming.  Some of my friends too.  And my great grandsons and my grands.

There are lots of things to learn.  My daughter who is also named Beatrice loves reading about our class on the computer.  She says she is getting lots of information from the class.  We have lived the stories.  We can talk about lots of things. 

I tell my kids what they want to know.  We have so much to tell them.  Without the past, there will be no future.

Hazel Nurse
So Much More

Last Thursday, as Dee and I descended on the elevator, my comment about our class was – “It is just sheer fun!” Dee is one of the volunteers who assist Benita with class and type our stories afterwards. This writing and storytelling class offers one the privilege of expressing feelings, meeting new friends, learning facts, appreciating family, preserving favorite photos, enjoying other’s stories and being fortunate enough to engage in good conversation with some of the greatest and most interesting classmates.  By way of our leader Benita, trips to Temple University, Channel Twelve and the Central Library have, as they say, “put frosting on the cake”! Now, Dee, this is More Than sheer fun!

Brenda Bailey
Where Am I?

I am so excited to be on stage at the Free Library to tell my story to everybody.  While riding the van home last week, I had the time to think about what I would wear, say, and how I was going to get there.  Then I noticed that the van was going past the zoo and down the expressway onto City Line Avenue.  I asked the driver, “Am I being kidnapped? I live near 53rd and Baltimore Avenue.”  He did not answer.  So, I repeated the question.  Then he said, “I’m lost.”  Now, my mind went to so many smart things to say, but I did not go there.  I just sat back and started my role as a “back seat driver.”  Turn right.  Turn left.  And, finally, I arrived home.  I really wanted to report him, but I just said, “Thank you, and don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.”  When I got inside my house, I totally forgot all I had planned in my head for the stage.  Now I’m back to square one, two, three. ???