Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Forever Friends"

Want to hear something sweet? During dress rehearsal, we passed the mic around to test the volume, expecting every senior to just say something like, “Testing 1,2,3.” Instead, one by one they started saying how much they love their friends who were sitting around them. Even through we were on stage, it felt like a cozy living room. And as I sat there with them in the semi-circle, I couldn’t help thinking, What a privilege it is to be among true friends. No, our Sunday event doesn’t begin or end with the hour, and it’s not just about stories. It’s a snapshot of an ongoing process: the making of friends.

I’ve never done a blog post like this one, but maybe it’s about time. A blog post tracing a senior’s transformation from first-time visitor to fervent core member of our class.

The making of “Forever Friends”. There are no steps for it. But it goes a little something like this:

Lucky Day

Today is my lucky day. My friend Mike and I came to visit this nice senior citizens center, and were fortunate enough to meet my new Chinese friend Benita on her birthday. She is a wonderful lady. She looks and speaks just like my daughter Dorothy.

I’m so very glad and happy to meet her, and all of our new senior center friends.

Forever friends,
Robert Leung
July 8, 2010

Robert Leung
A Great Fortune

Hello Everyone.  Actually I don’t have too much to write or tell…
I am very fortunate that I've started coming to this class at the senior center.  The people here are wonderful.  I wish that I did not live too far from here, otherwise I would surely love to be here more.

I like to come here as often as I can.

Yours truly,

Robert Leung
A Very Good Feeling       

I have a very good feeling whenever I come down here, because I have a chance to meet all kinds of different people.  Young and old.  Women and men.  They are very friendly, we talk and exchange ideas.  I come with my other friend, Mo and Michael.  And, of course the friendly lady, Benita, who is in charge of all the meetings.  Today we have fifteen very kindly people and couldn’t find a nicer day then today.  Outside, the weather is very, very nice.  It’s about 75 degrees.  Not too cold and not too hot.  It’s a perfect day.  I look forward to coming here for the meetings.  Hope to come here again and again.  

Robert Leung
Here Each Week

Hello.  My name is Yuk Tsun (in English you can call me Robert Leung), the Chinese “young” man.  I have been coming regularly to visit the Senior Center and listen to all these people speak, learning a lot of different things as I look forward to each week.  And the chairman (“chairlady”) is also a Chinese person.  She is very, very smart, plus, she’s so kind to everyone.  We are very fortunate to have her.  As the times pass by, I begin to know more people. Until then, I’ll know more and will be able to write more.

Robert Leung
A Meeting Day

Today is the 3rd week this month I am at this meeting. It is always fun to meet all of these wonderful folks – woman & man, young & old – they are all very kind!

That is why I look forward to Thursday each week. I am sure to learn a lot of different things and a lot about different people. Different ages, different races, man & woman – we are all the same living in this wonderful world!

Like myself, I came from far, far away, miles and miles away – China. That is why I learn a lot here, from all these wonderful people. I am really glad that I joined this class!