Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brenda (I Want to Say Thank You)

What better way to ring in Thanksgiving Week than with a pitch-perfect note... to YOU?
To all who attended “Our Big Day” at the Philadelphia Free Library, I want to say thank you.  Your words of encouragement both in person and on our website, your attendance and excitement made everyone feel so special.

For some this was the first time being on stage in front of a live audience, but we were not nervous because we felt such a warm reception.  When I hear the stories of the other members of the group, I am reminded of some incident in my life that I had forgotten and I now have the opportunity to share.

You may not find our autobiography on a shelf in this library, but our short stories will be forever in the minds and hearts of the readers.

So join us whenever you can or share your stories with family and friends.

Again, thank you.
Brenda Bailey