Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Art of PSC (Loretta G.)

There’s a lot of crossover at the Philadelphia Senior Center. I can’t think of a single writer for Best Day who isn’t in at least one other class. I already knew that Mike Tsuei was in an art class, but I only just found out that his art’s on display! Here we have a landscape, along with a portrait of the artist.


This is something called an “encaustic painting,” which reminds me of a waxy collage.

And these two are papier-mâché sculptures. The shoes are traditionally worn at Japanese weddings.

Mike also got his portrait done by Yeung Choi, an older bud who hangs out outside Best Day.

He also mentioned that Linda Berry contributed some art as well. You might remember her from this post where she told the story of the Bird of Seven Colors. Linda’s not officially a Best Day writer, but we have talked about her illustrating some of our stories before so it makes sense to show off her work.

Not gonna lie, I’d love to hang that map of Stone Harbor on my wall. And since this post celebrates all kinds of arts, here’s our weekly batch of storytelling.

Loretta Gaither
Art Class

I drew City Hall and a car for drawing class. I cannot find the picture of a landscape that I drew last week. I enjoy my art classes at the Phila Senior Center.
I let the folks at my senior residence know that I have a surveillance camera like them. PCA came to my apartment to see if repairs are needed. The administration is peeved with me for notifying Harrisburg about violations in my apartment. I’m happy that we still have the writing class and of course, I miss Benita.
I am able to read and write but a physical disability prevents me from doing so.
Thank God I’ve come a long way. Now, I walk away from trouble.
I received a thank you note from Irma Bennet, who’s in a nursing home. I sent her a card and she appreciated my concerns. We have birthdays coming up in December 2016. Thank you Neha for writing for me. I love being in the writing class.
And our older bud Eugene has brought in (and pinned up) business cards for his book Messenger Blues.

This exhibit will be up for two to three months, so if you’re ever at Broad and South, pop in and see Mike and Linda’s art. And congratulations on the exhibit, Mike and Linda. Best Day, represent!
Curated by Caitlin Cieri