Thursday, May 24, 2018

Memorial Day (Hattie and Ruth A.)

The weather's starting to get consistently warm, and Memorial Day is right around the corner. That means that everyone's got one thing on their mind and one thing only: the beach. All my friends and co-workers are either talking about hitting the shore this Memorial Day weekend or lamenting that they don't know a single person with a beach house. During this time when families, friends, and families of choice head to the shore en masse, it's important to remember your older buds and family members too. When I was little, I used to go down to Rehoboth Beach every year, but one of the most memorable trips was the time we brought my Gigi and Poppop with me. We went to one of those seafood restaurants with outdoor seating right next to the harbor, and even though it was bright and sunny we got caught in a blustering sun shower. We were getting soaked to the bone, but we all stayed outside and finished our meal because "it's just water." That was one of my happiest memories with Gigi.

So don't forget to bring your older buds with you on vacation. You'll make some incredible memories and get some wonderful new stories out of it. And if you want a little reading material for the drive down to the shore, we've got you covered.

Hattie Ellerbe
It’s So Good To Be Back
It has been a little over a year since the passing of my youngest son, Keith Lee Ellerbe. My daughter Karen and I are taking one day at a time and still trying to cope. We are surrounded by the love of so many. We still get calls and kind thoughts frequently. Karen was recently chosen to be a deacon at her church, Child’s Memorial Baptist Church. She will have to train for a year before she is officially ordained. I am so happy for her. Her pastor is the Rev. Dale L. Crawley. I am so happy to be back, Benita!!! I am glad to hear we are expecting a “May Baby”… 

Ruth Alsop
Being a grandmother of seven grandchildren is very exciting. There are three granddaughters and four grandsons. Included in those seven are two sets of twins. Twins have always been an intricate part of my life. My first best friends were twins – Christine and Eileen. We became friends when I was thirteen years of age. We remain friends today. Then there is Jeanette and Jeanelle, we call each other sisters. We have been close friends since I was eighteen years of age and they were sixteen. We remain very close are very influential in each other’s lives and families. Last but not least are Jayce and Joan. They were my coworkers for ten years. We remained friends until 2008 when I retired. Never expected in my life to have twins as grandchildren. How exciting!

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