Thursday, April 5, 2018

April Fools (Joan)

This past Sunday was both Easter and April Fools Day. A celebration of spring and new beginnings, but also of false-starts and spring loaded snakes in peanut cans. And few things can make a better joke than random twists of fate. April 1st was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, the kind of day you associate with Spring in the month that Americans typically associate with Spring. The morning afterward, it snowed. It snowed enough for it to accumulate on roads and trees; just when we thought we were done with snow. Then it stopped just a few hours later, and the sun was shining once again. April Fools, people of Earth!
Joan Bunting
4. 9.2015
Celebrating Easter

My Easter celebration began on Palm Sunday by attending church. First we have Sunday school, then praise and worship, and immediately after we hear a dynamic sermon which usually consists of the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. After the service palms are given to those who want it.
What really excites me is Holy Week. From Monday to Friday a number of Baptist Churches have a different pastor preach a sermon leading up to Good Friday. On Good Friday, all the participating churches come together. Seven preachers are chosen to give the last seven words that Jesus spoke while hanging on the cross.

1. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
2. I thirst.
3. Woman

4. Son
5. My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?
6. It is finished
7. Into your hands I commend my spirit.

After all said and done you feel revived.

On Easter Sunday I would attend another dynamic sermon.
I hope you had a Happy Easter yourselves, filled with eggs, chocolates, ham, and feelings as warm and fuzzy as the Easter Bunny itself! If you or your loved ones have any cool holiday stories, please send them to info@bestdayofmylifesofar.orgWe’d love to hear from you!

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