Thursday, March 8, 2018

Power (Joan)

If you don’t live in the Delaware County, Greater Philadelphia, or anywhere near those places, then you might not know about the storm that hit us on Friday. The weather was blustery, the snowfall was fierce, and several trees were uprooted. I only just got my power back yesterday, but many of us are still without power. If you have power and but your friends and family don’t, please check up on them and make sure they have someplace warm to stay; maybe even offer your place. It’s been a rough weekend.

But if you have internet and a warm place to stay, here’s a little something to warm your soul. Last week, Joan was singing in a Black History Month Concert, with a selection of Gospel Music. They were so good that they got a standing ovation in the middle of their song! And another one at the end of course, with loads of affirmations and applause throughout the rest of the concert too. The pianist was Christopher Gambrell, (you can find him on iTunes here) and he was talking about how proud he was that Black Panther was doing so well because he grew up with Chadwick Boseman. Wakanda forever!

He also said that the financial success of Black Panther was due to the brothers and sisters all over America, and that it “showed the world that we have money.” I was surprised by that statement until he talked about how Black people are stereotyped as being poor. Unfortunately, it’s all to easy to associate Black people with the ghetto, when their lives and lifestyles are just as varied as anyone else’s. This is another prejudice we need to look out for.

But on a more positive note, you know how when Gospel choirs sing, the listeners get the spirit in them? There was one woman in the front row who had enough spirit for the whole auditorium. Every time a new song started, she'd say "Go on! Start singing that song!" At the end of one of the songs, she said, "Yeah! That choir's all right," and the host turned to her and asked "How you like that?" She liked it a lot, and I'll bet the choir liked her a lot too.

Joan Bunting 
How Do You Treat Others? 

Why do people teat others so mean and disrespectful? There are a number of reasons why that could be.
  1. 1. People were raised up in a disrupted household.  
    2. Some people feel that they have to prove to others or everyone that they’re tough.  
    3. Some may have been treated badly by those they thought were their friends.  
    4. Others may have never heard of or were taught the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
I truly believe that if lots of people were aware of the rule, there wouldn’t be so much meanness, disrespectfulness, or inconsideration of others.
The there are those that just don’t care how they treat or speak to others. 
Is it really hard to speak kindly, smile, or say hello to another human being?
The most important reason to me as to why people act hostile to others is that they do not have the love of God in them. God is love. He loves everyone regardless of who we are, even how we are, or whatever we’ve done throughout our lives.
Why can’t we just all get along?

Curated by Caitlin Cieri