Monday, September 12, 2011

In Memory of Arthur

It is with tears in my eyes that I type this. Our friend Arthur passed away yesterday in his sleep. Back in June, he told me that he had cancer but I didn't think it was my place to share about that here online, but now I feel like it's time. He was always a teenager at heart, he sang karaoke till midnight and always invited my volunteers and me along, he lived life like one big party, he liked taking videos of us with his phone, his hugs and smiles were always genuine, and despite all the weight he lost in the past few months his integrity and spirit powered on. Back when we had Seniors' Storytelling Day last November and I was nervous before we got on stage, he held my hand the whole time. I am really, really sad as I type this. I really don't know what else to say. This is the last story that he wrote in our class.

Arthur Murray
This Wonderful World of Ups and Downs

What makes the world go around

Keep right with the Almighty
(to be continued)

And Don’ts
Do not make the staff mad, why because anything can happen. Already some people just be working not because they are dedicated to their job, some that are loyal, some are impatient, some let the Jonses get them down, in other words if their job are being better then they might lose their composure and if that happens the way things are now-a-days, there’s always somebody that wants a job and they out in the cold, if you know what I mean. It’s just a matter of time. Just to think Martin Luther King lost his life, why, because somebody somewhere had larceny in their heart. Well when someone felt threatened they either hired someone to do dirty work for them, watch your back these days, it must be in the food, air, drugs, or whatever. All I can say if you’re the victim, I pray for you. Count your blessings. Don’t get caught up in that trend. I’m not trying to be something that I’m not. You can’t be yourself because people only care about themselves. Where is the love? When will we learn? In my few years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs. But, I’m going to try my best to live a positive life as long as our Father uses me as he see. He, the “Almighty God” for this I’m so thankful. Amen.

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