Monday, September 5, 2011

Robert (Lots of Fun)

In the previous blog post, we heard from Dorothy about how much she enjoys reading and typing our seniors’ handwritten stories, especially her dad’s. Now, let’s hear from Robert about how proud he is of Dorothy and how much he loves his new grandson.

People always ask me why I named this project The Best Day of My Life So Far. Why So Far? The question is not easy to be to answer, I can fill pages about my full reasons, I have many, and I promise you I am working on filling those pages, which one day I will share. But when I see Robert’s last three sentences, about things he plans to do with his grandson when he is older – I think to myself, Yes! That right there is what I’ve always meant by So Far, that’s always been my hopes and dreams for my seniors buddies, that’s why I started this project in the first place! It’s about a thirst for life, and a choice to be happy and excited for the future. Robert’s got it. And I can’t even explain how happy and excited that makes me.

Robert Leung
Lots of Fun

As usual I came to our meeting today, Thursday.    It is such a nice and beautiful day.  The sun is shining and the air is fresh and clean.  No smog like in California, the place I used to live.

The reason I came here to Philadelphia was to visit my daughter, Dorothy and my grandson Andy.  He is almost 1 and a half years now and as quite as can be.  I love him so very much.  He loves me too. 

I cannot wait until he is a little older so I can go places with him, like doing tagging and running and then I can teach him to swim. 

I look forward for the summer to come; it will have lots of fun------

My daughter, Dorothy, is working at the Penn Hospital.  Her work is very important and she has a high position.  She is in charge of the hospital and all the doctors.  She and her husband, also a doctor, met at Stanford University in California.  Her husband is Italian and their son, Andy, is as cute as he can be, I love him to death.

I can’t wait till the summer again so I can go to the park with him to do some running and go to the library and teach him to read and write.  Of course, I’ll also teach him some Chinese and the Chinese language is not easy to learn.  I also plan, when it is time, to teach him to ride a bike.