Monday, July 18, 2011

Loretta (A Bright Side Somewhere)

I have learned so much from Loretta. I admire her for talking and writing openly with about her struggles with homelessness. I admire her for always being the earliest one to class – when I open the door to the room, I am always greeted by her bright, fresh smile. And often in front on her in the middle of the table, is a box of cookies or fruit that she has brought in for the class, just because. A few months ago when Bernice had her medical emergency, it was Loretta who bought her a purse and a toy bus in reference to all the adventurous bus stories Bernice likes to tell us. (Click Here to read that moving story.)

In Loretta, I have learned about generosity. I have realized that no matter how much a person has, he or she always has more to give. That no matter how much I have, I always have more to give. That no matter how rough life gets or how crummy a day gets, there is some way to give to someone else, some way to make another person’s day a little bit brighter. And we just all gotta do it. Just because. Just like Loretta. To give is really the only way to live.

Loretta Gaither
How This Class Helps Me

Last Wednesday, I was with a lady named Mrs. Seawell and she brought my clothes from my apartment to the senior center. I am homeless again.

Trying to get a new place to live.

Vicky, the senior director here, and her staff, tried to help me find a new place to live and they found a storage closet for my clothes until then. I am back in the shelter for now.

I have to wait for the shelter to find my new place. I have been in the shelter twice. Thank you Vicky and Bob and the other staff here at the senior center.

Right now, I am in our writing class so I feel a lot better and I also go to church to pray.

With all the people here in writing class being so nice, I forget about all the other difficult things going on in my life when I am here.

Thank you for everyone here for being so friendly and warm to me.

Loretta Gaither
A Bright Side Somewhere

I went to an Art Show and dinner where they were showcasing four of my art pieces- three shoes that I decorated and a mom and baby turtle set I made.

On the bus last weekend, I saw a lady crying so I went to sit next to her and gave her a hug. She said she was sad because she was homeless. The lady next to her told us that she was homeless too and they had a good heart-to-heart talk and we all felt better.

Later, I talked with people from the Diamond Shelter who are helping me find a safer environment. It reminds me of a Christian song, A Bright Side Somewhere For Us And We’ll Find It. I know I will a new home and I will not be homeless because God will show me where to go. I am like his clay and he’ll mold me back.

Loretta Gaither

Today I came to class on the bus and recognized a familiar face smiling at me. It was Joy, a friend from years ago. She was just a little girl then and she remembered me as soon as she saw me. Joy got into trouble when she was little and I helped her out and she never forgot about it. Joy is now a grandmother and told everyone on the bus how nice I was to her. Joy said that she turned her life around because of my talks with her. I taught all the kids to respect the elders and there were others that changed too.

I decided a long time ago to change too and bring positive thinking into my life. And today I remained calm while a younger worker at the vital statistics office treated me rudely. I found someone to help and was able to finish the application. I felt good to be calm and I know that starting today with God’s help, I will be in the senior apartments because I was able to change and have positive behavior. I know that positive thinking as you get older is very important.