Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Class Starts... Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is it! The first session of our 8-week “Our Best Day So Far” satellite class at Free Library of Philadelphia!!! Thinking about coming but maybe a teeny bit nervous? No problem! We were thinking it would help if we walk you through what to expect. Click Here to see our satellite blog, narrated by our teen intern Madi, as she shares how tomorrow is going to go… and how she was once in YOUR shoes! Yup, she started getting involved in our project like you, as a blogreader, then visitor, and now she is, a core part of our team! Now, how inspirational is that?  Come to class and ask Madi more about it when you see her tomorrow ;)

Quick reminder of the time and place: 4-5:30pm Parkway Central Branch Room 108. Be there be there be there - it's gonna be so much fun!!!

BTW major news break:  We officially hooked up our new satellite blog to Facebook, which means via Facebook you can read BOTH the original blog (this one here) and the satellite blog! Woohoo, digital conveniences rock!