Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arthur (Life is So Wonderful)

Yeah, let’s stop and think a little bit. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to do that. Such sweet words by my bud Arthur.

Arthur Murray
Life is So Wonderful

When you stop and think a little bit, life is so sweet.  Lots of times we don’t really value it as much as we could.  When you stop and look at another person’s situation, some are happy, sad, troubled, mad, unhappy with their life but look at the bright side, we’re still here.  All we have to do is love one another much more.  The world is here for you and I.  My experience in life is loving each and every one because of the energy you get back is so great.  Love and this world is full of love and that is what the world needs is love and understanding.  Just let go.  With all the love you can give and cherish the love in return.

Keep up the good work.