Friday, February 25, 2011

A Note to Our Seniors... from Grandma!!

And now... a note that has no rival in preciousness. A note from my grandma to our seniors!!! My grandma who is my personal hero and my inspiration for this entire storytelling project! And oh yeah - written on napkins at a hipster coffee shop in Seattle. What better writing supplies can you wish for on this earth, right ;) ?

My husband and I just got back from a super trip to see my family in Seattle (I miss you guys already!) and since we are both obsessed with real soulful Seattle coffee, we hopped endlessly from shop to shop and took my adventurous "Po Po" along. "Po Po" is what I call my grandma because we speak in Chinese. So yup, she told me what she wanted to say to our seniors in Chinese, I put on my translator cap and wrote it down in English, then she signed her name in Chinese. Yesterday, I read the note to our seniors. Yeah. They were pretty moved. Their smiles were so indescribable. Real. Soulful. Maybe those words come close. And the makeover and photoshoot Po Po mentioned? Well, those deserve a blog post all its own. So back-to-back, in the blog post after this, please check out a photo journal by talented Seattle photographer and my personal friend Susan Ulep. For more about how my friendship with my grandma inspired this project, please browse the links on the blog sidebar.

And now, sorry to keep you waiting ;)... The Note!

Hi Everyone,

I've seen your photos on the computer. You all look so happy. Wish you continuous happiness forever. Ling Ling (that's what I call Benita) tells us about you and your stories. I feel very comforted. Maybe one day we can meet. Until we meet, we took some photos for you to see. We went out to get makeovers, and then went to the gardens for photos. My best friend came with us. We've known each other for 30 years. Before her husband passed away, we went fishing all the time. Now, Ling Ling takes us out every time she comes to visit to Seattle. We like to eat and go out. Do you like how our photos look? If they are too small, Ling Ling can make them bigger for you to see. (Also, thank you, Robert, for your gift of the Chinese wall calendar. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.)

Mei Hing (Ling Ling's Grandma)
February 16, 2011
All City Coffee Shop
Seattle WA