Monday, February 21, 2011

Michael (Life Like a Dream)

Michael has been a part of our group for ten months now. In many of our Facebook photos, you can spot him with Mo and Robert – the three have become best friends and are constantly telling the group how great one another is. Three grown men bragging about one other – there’s nothing quite as tender.

For a while, without exception, all of Michael’s stories began with, “Time passes very quickly.” Recently, he started a story with “My wonderful life, it is just like a dream!” I don’t know if you feel the same way, but to me, this is a huge transformation. Like he’s really being himself now, really feeling free.

Michael Chan
Life Like a Dream
My wonderful life. It is just like a dream! I never thought I could come from my country in Asia. I was born in a beautiful country, Soo Chow China, which is the most beautiful “Garden” country in Asia. Many visitors from the world visit to see the “Gardens”. There are different flower shows for the four seasons around the year.

I left my country when I was 17 years old and my first stop was Shanghai. By 1949, I left Shanghai after staying there for 5 years. Then, I went to Hong Kong by train – it took 5 days by train. They speak a different dialect, Cantonese, in Hong Kong so I took night classes to learn both Cantonese and English. After 7 years I started my own company in the garment industry and worked very hard. My daughter came here to go to school at the University of Pennsylvania. I stayed in Hong Kong for 50 years before moving here to be with my daughter.

Michael Chan

Time passes very quickly. I have joined the class for a period of eight months. It gives me very happy hours to enjoy the living conditions. My feelings have been changed and I hope to learn more and more gradually.

So I am very happy to say thanks and love to each other.