Thursday, October 7, 2010

Off to the TV & Radio Station!

I promised you an answer in the last blog post, and here it is! So where did our class go today? To the home of Philadelphia’s leading public TV and Radio Station, WHYY. It was a private event we called “Best Day Meets WHYY”, and everything went perfectly. Can I also just slip in here that Willo Carey, Executive Director of WHYY’s Wider Horizons Program, rocks? (Willo – it’s been so much fun working with you, and as we said, this is only the very beginning… I am so excited for more!)

I feel a bit spent because I am so happy. I sometimes feel like an overprotective parent to our seniors, worrying that they would get nervous speaking in public or that they would have difficulty getting on and off the senior center’s minibus. But no, everyone was their normal, radiant selves, with extra spunk of course.

It means so much to us that WHYY basically open their home to us for the day, because it shows us how much they support what we are doing and the fact that they want to get to know us better. We had class in their brand new, state-of-the-art Public Media Commons, where we watched our Youtube video on the big screen, chatted, read, laughed and dropped tears with a number of special guests from WHYY and affiliated organizations. To get a sense of how much fun we had, click Here to check out our photo album from today.