Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hazel (October Rewards)

Guess what I am training myself to do these days? Take a chill pill. I’m the kind of person who likes to give herself heart attacks every so often, and with our big 11/14 event coming up, those mini attacks are sneakin’ up on me! (Yeah, my friends laugh because I can’t even stay calm enough to last through one yoga session... embarrassing!) I really gotta learn a lesson or two from Hazel. I like this story not just for the beautiful colors that Hazel has painted, but also for her state of mind that it reveals. Peace. Maybe one day, I’ll get there ;)

Hazel Nurse
October Rewards

The month of October still retains its fascination for me. Take a tip from me and test it like I did on a train to the seashore recently. From a window seat, trees still loaded with green leaves were decorated with splashes of yellow, orange, red and purple. This colorful panorama was eye-catching to say the least. However, little did I know, that this scene would be superseded by another. Under a baby blue sky from my boardwalk perch, the Atlantic took first prize. Stretches of sand bordered this  brilliant blue ocean with waves gently breaking on the shore. Reflections of the sun upon it conformed the expertise of a master artist who had thrown generous handfuls of sparkling diamonds upon it all the way to the horizon.