Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mo (Radio)

Now that you've seen us "in action" on Youtube, you know I'm not exaggerating: we're one rowdy bunch! So yeah, we're pretty excited for our second field trip ever, this Thursday. (Click Here to read about our special trip to Bill Cosby's private filming session last time.) Where to this time around, you ask? Well, read the story below for a big hint. The answer will be revealed in the next blog post!

Mo McCooper

Running home from the playground was necessary because the radio shows were coming on. As the door slammed behind me, my mother had the radio station set for “Superman,” “Jack Armstrong,” “Tennessee Jed,” “Terry and the Pirates” or whatever else was on that day.

After the dinner shows like “the Green Hornet,” “The Shadow,” “Mr. District Attorney,” and “Sherlock Holmes” were incredible. Adult shows like “The Inner Sanctum,” “The Fat Man,” and “Suspense” were great.

By sometime in high school, I’d go to Uncle Tony and Aunt Nancy’s to watch TV once or twice a week. Louie Spinell, other friends, and I would go to Rob Eisen Brey’s grandparent’s apartment to watch the all Thursday night TV shows by ourselves. Very few of the TV shows that were also radio shows were any good. No one actor could be “The Lone Ranger” let alone “The Shadow.”

“Gun Smoke” was an exception. Our ideas of the radio characters were too vivid for TV actors to portray. Different voices made it even more difficult.