Sunday, October 10, 2010

Loretta (Good Things in My Life)

Thinking back about Thursday’s field trip, one of my favorite moments is also one of the tiniest. It was when Loretta said to the 8000 square-foot room, “I like this writing class. I used to be sad, but now I’m not.”

Loretta Gaither
Good Things in My Life

  1. I like doing ceramics. I was doing a show out of cardboard with clouds on it. The clouds made me feel beautiful.
  2. This writing class is about what you feel inside.
  3. Beautiful things- going to Penn’s Landing to see the seagulls, calm water, birds made of clay
  4. I like stories about God’s creations.
  5. I like to think about people on the street. Some of them were doctors, lawyers, and people in the army, but now they are on the street. People forget about them.
  6. When you look at birds and animals, you see God.
  7. I like the reactions of children at Penn’s Landing. Talking to them. Sometimes people think I am a baby-sitter until I tell the kids to go back to their families.