Friday, August 6, 2010

Cosby Surprise

As you know, around here, we don’t stay mellow. A few weeks ago, as you saw in an earlier blog post, our class went on our first field trip and it was for a very special occasion: Bill Cosby was in town for a private filming production and we were personally invited by the producer to be part of the small audience! The week after, guess what everyone’s favorite story topic was? This week in class, the seniors are still talking and writing about the trip!

Henrietta Faust
Guess Who

The bus tour on 7/22/2010: A day that will live forever. See, we, the Senior Center Writing Class – each of us was so glad to be out of room LC1 in the basement. You could see and feel our excitement in a new adventure. Our first writing class bus tour to a beautiful university. We arrived at the auditorium and were seated and were told that in a few minutes we would see an interview. Back when we were still on the bus, waiting to get off, our teacher Benita Cooper had said, “There is a surprise for you inside.” And as everyone now sat in the auditorium, waiting and wondering what the surprise would be, the door opened and in walked the most important man in the world: TV star Bill Cosby. Everyone applauded and marveled. And on went the show.

Please read on and enjoy each writer’s experience of 7/22/2010.

Beatrice Newkirk
The Surprise

We, the members of the writing class went to Temple University. To our surprise, there standing on the stage was Bill Cosby. I have never met him in person, and just being there was the first time I had seen him in person. He looked so young, as if he had never aged.

His brother and his sister in-law were there on the stage with him, and he asked them interview questions. He also had kids up on the stage, whom he interviewed also. When he asked the kids questions, their answers made us laugh. Thanks to our teacher, it was a great surprise.

Hazel Nurse
A Surprise Trip

In place of our weekly meeting, our Senior Center Writing Class rode down Broad St. to Temple University to interact with students as promised by our gracious, gregarious leader, Mrs.

Before posing for another group photo, she quipped, “There is a surprise for you inside.”

After being welcomed by our hostess and production producer Nicole, and comfortably seated in an auditorium, to our amazement and applause, in strode Bill Cosby with his wife Camille. What a person he is - not only one of America’s most successful business men, but an actor, comedian, and author.

Before an array of photographers, he exhibited his expertise by drawing laughs, as we saw some skillful teens on stage jump “Double Dutch” with ropes in hand.  One participant in another seven-year-old age group, declared that she was paid two dollars after cleaning her house for one week.  A four year old male remembered a “Boy Cosby”  but didn’t seem to relate to the present “Bill”.

After more questions from the entertainer, a wife expressed surprise that her spouse with no knowledge of golf, had traveled from Georgia to Florida to hit some balls.

Thanks to all for this invitation to enjoy this energetic entertainer, who joyfully shares his talents with others. 

Bernice Moore

When we went to Temple University a couple weeks ago, it was fun meeting Bill Cosby. He was nice to talk to. It was good to see him in person. It was sad the way he had lost his son. The children were good to see on the stage. They told nice stories, It was good to meet other people. Temple is a nice university to go to. We did have a lot of fun meeting nice people. I hope we will be able to meet Bill Cosby and everyone else again soon, someday.