Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arthur (Ups and Downs)

You heard what Hattie said about Arthur’s “bad day” in the last blog post. Ready to hear the perspective of the man who lived through it?

What I like about this story is how easy it is to relate to. When we were chatting before class, Arthur told me he really didn’t know why he was in such a bad mood.  “You know how your head feels some days,” he said, “like you just have a lot on your mind for no obvious reason?” Oh, trust me, Arthur, I know! That’s my head on a daily basis ;)

Another thing that got me thinking was, wait a second, the incident that made his day turn around wasn’t entirely funny – seen by others it would be reason for an angry argument! But to Arthur, it was a positive moment. It shows me that deep inside, he has a happy heart – and that makes me so proud of him. And the ending of the story when he calls our class the “the best thing that lifts me up”? Well, instantly, that got the group in full-on, laugh-out-loud party mode. Not a bad accomplishment for a guy starting out with a crummy day!

Arthur Murray
Ups and Downs

This week there is so much to talk about. This past Sunday, my choir sang at St. Pauls church and we had a wonderful concert. I believe everyone enjoyed themselves, plus I met a wonder pastor from South Africa and his name is Abodola and we took a picture together.

On the downside, the funniest thing I’ve seen all week happened today, with this worker whom I see every time at lunch – he takes away the trash in the lunchroom. Well, picture someone trying to eat and then someone comes and grabs your food and your plate and deposits it both in the trash (smile). It was a funny accident. It made my day because I was down in the dumps.

Afterwards I considered not coming to class (because I was still feeling a little down), then I remembered that this class is the best thing that lifts me up. So many wonderful people are here. When we’re here, we help each other keep our chins up.