Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Invisible Growth

How do I explain this… ah, it’s like this. My husband and I are best friends with our neighbors who have a baby boy. We see him so often that we (... haha or maybe it's just me) never quite realize how big he’s become until we see a photo of him and I exclaim in shock, “He’s grown so much!” Of course we all laugh because it’s so ironic I don’t see what is literally under my nose every single day. I guess that’s how it sometimes is with me hanging out with my senior buddies every week. I’m too close to perceive their emotional growth. But then, once in a while, I hear them read their stories out loud, especially stories about how much this class has meant to them, and silently, I exclaim in my head (because it’s sappy to say out loud) “You’ve grown so much!”

Below are a few stories that have caused some of those sappy outbursts in my head.

Loretta Gaither
This Helps Me

I just moved out of my home and had made arrangements for another place.  When I arrived I found that I didn’t get the apartment.  It is very upsetting because I was told I would have the place and now I am homeless.

I will find another place.  There is a purpose for everything, for that I thank God.  The storytelling class and people in this class help me to know that soon I will get another place.  Coming here to the senior center helps me to stay strong.   Prayer keeps me going.  Writing helps me.

Robert Leung
A Great Fortune

Hello Everyone.  Actually I don’t have too much to write or tell…
I am very fortunate that I've started coming to this class at the senior center.  The people here are wonderful.  I wish that I did not live too far from here, otherwise I would surely love to be here more.

I like to come here as often as I can.

Yours truly,

Linda Carr
The First Time I’ve Been Happy

This month is the first time I have been happy since April.  I’ve been real sad because my family split up.  I feel good because Carolyn is helping me find a place that I need so bad. 
Also I saw my grandson, who is away, for the first time in five months.  I was so happy to see him. 

I am glad I came to the center. It gives me something to do.  I’ll be glad when I get my own place.  I never had my own place, just me alone.   I am excited.  I had a nice time last week at Temple University on our field trip to see Bill Cosby.  I am glad I came to the center.  Everyone is so nice.