Monday, March 29, 2010

An Unforgettable Email

Want to dedicate this blog post to one of the most beautiful letters that I've ever received. To give you some context, in class on Thursday, my senior buddy Mo told me that his eldest daughter had just unveiled to his three other daughters (physically, on the same computer) his mounting stories on the blog. Well, can you imagine my surprise when I saw an email from one of them in my inbox? Kathleen and I have been exchanging more emails since, and she gave me permission to share her letter here on the blog.

(Thanks again, Kathleen, for reaching out to me. It really does mean everything.)

From: Kathleen
To: Benita
Subject: Mo McCooper
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010 10:29 PM

Dear Benita,

I am "Mo McCooper's" fourth daughter!

I can't tell you how delighted, surprised, amazed and proud I was when my sister Coleen logged us onto The Best Day of My Life So Far Blog.

When I first saw my Dad in the picture, I almost couldn't believe it. My Dad, on the computer screen - something didn't make sense. And then, when she began to explain what it was all about, my jaw dropped. And then, when we started reading his stories, my eyes filled with tears. His childhood unfolding before me, bit by bit, word by word.

As you can imagine, growing up with a Dad with a spirit as lively and colorful as "Mo's" was quite an adventure. I love my Dad so much, and living so far away from him, I always feel an empty place in my heart, knowing that we miss so much of each other's lives. My boys adore him, but one or two visits a year isn't near enough time to be with your Grandpop or your Dad. When I read his stories, I feel closer to him. And when I read your "intros," I get to feel like a "fly on the wall" and hear what mischief "Mo" is up to that day!

I want to thank you from deep in my core, for making this happen for my Dad and all of the amazing writers in the group. What a gift you have given to them and to all of us.

I am now a "follower" or a "fan" or a "groupie" - whatever you want to call me. I will be checking in everyday to catch a glimpse into "Partytime."

All my best,

How did I feel when I clicked open this email? To say I was moved is putting it lightly. I knew, even before getting to the end, that I would remember this letter forever. I read it over and over again. I asked my husband to read it too. “This is amazing,” he said, with my Blackberry still in his hand, “I mean, everything she said is everything you’ve been trying to do.” I nodded, in shock. When first planning this class, I had thought, wouldn't it be great if an out-of-town grandchild/child, via the class blog, gets to know his or her grandparent/parent a little more? And maybe the stories can serve as a fun icebreaker in order for the two to start some long overdue conversation? A dreamer at heart, I had excitedly thought that to myself, but I didn't know if I could actually make it happen. Well... when I saw this email, I just felt like reality has in fact replaced what just months ago had only been a dream.