Saturday, March 27, 2010

Michael (A Simple Life)

Michael, who’s been coming to class with his buddy Mo, moved from Hong Kong only several years ago, where I also happened to have grown up. After reading out loud, he said to the whole group, “This class makes the world feels a little smaller.” Now, that’s a big statement.

And he’s right … to think that these seniors have journeyed through decades of wildly different experiences and ended up sharing the same table… I mean, the thought makes my fingers tingle a little, even as I am typing this blog post.

Michael Chan/ Chan-Man-Tin
March 18, 2010
A Simple Life

I was born in Kin Yang, 300 miles from Shanghai on January 2, 1928.  When my age reached 18 years old, I went to Shanghai and stayed there for five years.  Then, I left Shanghai by the end of 1949 and arrived in Hong Kong by train on July 8, 1950. 

I found that English was very important.  Then, I started to learn English in evening school for five years.  Afterwards, I built my own business, a garment business, during the years 1950 to 1970.  Most of the garments, ladies fashion, were exported to the United States, England, and Germany until the twentieth century.

I changed my business to trading and became a member of the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong.  I came to the United States in the year 2006 and retired.  I enjoy a simple life with my daughter, here.