Wednesday, March 3, 2010

But… What to Ask?!

I left you at a tricky spot yesterday, I know. You read the blog post yesterday, and you think, ok… she said to just “ask” but… what to ask?! Well, my trusty team of volunteers came up with a few suggestions for you to get started. My props to Curtis (whom you “met” via his story about Jennie in January!) for opening up the discussion to the team via email this week.

Email us at to let us know how your conversations with your grandparents/ senior buddies go!

"your first job"
"the happiest day of your life"
“the scariest moment of your life”
“what the old days were like”
"the letter you always wanted to write, but were afraid to send"
"the letter to whom you're most thankful in your life"
"the best thing you've learned in your life"
"what you most want your grandchildren to know"
"the best thing anyone has ever done for you"
"the worst thing anyone has ever done TO you"
"the letter you'd like to write to all the world leaders"
"the most beautiful sight you've ever seen"
"the one motto you've always tried to live by"
"the time you turned lemons in your life into lemonade"
“what are your memories of where you grew up?”
“where did you live?”
“what was the landscape like then?”
“how did you and your wife/husband meet?”
“how did your wife/husband propose?”
"the main thing which made your marriage successful"
"the one thing you’re most proud of in your life”
"the one thing you regret you never said and the person to whom you should have said it”
"what's your favorite holiday and why"
"the biggest change you've seen in your lifetime”