Thursday, June 6, 2019

Spring Chorus (Iris and Rochelle)

Best Day has a few older buds who also sing in the Philadelphia Senior Center’s choir: Joan, Rochelle, and Iris. They have concerts every few months, and when they do we take a break from writing to support them. None of them had solos, but both Iris and Rochelle acted as MCs, and they got the audience into it!

And just like last week’s blog entry, we’re combining art with art by pairing these beautiful voices with beautiful stories.

Iris Wildflower 
The Best Thing I’ve Ever Learned in My Life

The best thing I’ve ever learned in my life is there are certain conversations not to have with my mom…because she will send you to another state…
When I turned 18 years old, I had graduated from high school (early 17 years), got accepted at Fisk University, and [worked] at the IRS for the summer. One day, I came home from work and told my mom that I was grown and about to leave for college in August and that I could stop by the bar for happy hour after work…
I waited for the good talking-to or the words, “What’s wrong with you?” but alas, nothing happened. Mom just sat there quietly. “Ok” she stated… Wow, that was easy, I thought I should have done this a long time ago…
For two weeks, I went as I pleased, happy hour, parties, staying out until the sunrise in the sky, even skipped church a few times…
Dad was waiting at the house when I came in hung over and with bloodshot eyes.
My dad said, “See you in church!!” Church? I thought, look at my condition… How?
Dad spoke, “You don’t answer back with a ‘why.'”
“Yes Dad.”‘
So I began to get ready for church. Dad then said, “When I turn around, I want to see you.”
“Yes, Dad.” I was hung over.
Later that week, my parents gave me a one-way ticket to Greensboro, N.C.
The dean’s phoned and advised me to call him and let him know what time my train would arrive. I would be attending Bennett’s Women’s College in Greensboro.
“But why mom?”
“You’re grown, remember?”
“No, I’m not grown, mom.”
“Two grown women cannot live in my house.” Thus I learned there are certain conversations not to have with my mom. She don’t play and will send you to another state. And set up everything for your arrival.
Thanks, Mom.

Rochelle Tynes
The Men In My Life 

First off, let me say that some of the men in my life have been good to and for me and because they were good or bad, some I don’t see or use anymore.
I’ll start with Sir Penicillin, he worked on and off for my ailments for quite a number of years – then I became allergic to him and had to let him go about the wayside. In these later years, I’ve had an affair with Mr. Balm Palm Rub – Mr. Arthritis Muscle Rub, Lord Extra Strength Tylenol, Sirs Melformin, Cilipige, and Sonlodipine. They all seem to be doing well, it’s just that I don’t like taking them because I thought when I went to the clinic for a checkup that I wouldn’t need to have anything new. But low and behold, I was told that I needed a pill to help my bones be stronger, so I now have to introduce myself to Mr. Glucosamine C.
Well, I believe its time for me to get a female helper so that maybe I can let some of these men go about their business and I can be free of at least one or two of these men.
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