Thursday, January 4, 2018

Good Luck in 2018 (Norman)

Usually there isn't much going on at the PSC on the week of New Years' Eve. Either the cold weather's keeping people in their homes, or the older buds are taking a holiday break. I came in regardless, and I got to spend the day with Eugene and Norman. Eugene's been hard at work selling his book Messenger Blues, which you can buy yourself right here. Norman's in several different classes and programs, including the Drexel's Side-By-Side Program and Writers' Room. He has just joined a year-long photography course, along with several younger buds, and will be doing a photography project before the end of the year. He's diligently reading up on all sorts of different photography techniques and tutorials, and he's even taking inspiration from his family's photos on Facebook.

I can't wait to see his final project! So let's wish Norman Cain, Eugene Carrington, and all of the older buds and volunteers of Best Day, good luck in 2018.
Norman Cain
Family Portrait Night

Tonight, September 21, 2017, I will be attending a writer’s workshop. It will feature two groups: The Mighty Writers, a Philadelphia based group of young wordsmiths and the group that I have been a member of for 3 years: Writers Workshop, a community based writing program hosted by Drexel University. The workshop will be held at 39 Lancaster Avenue.
The theme of the workshop is “Family Portrait Night.” We were encouraged to bring snap shots of our family members and will more than likely be required to write narratives about them.
In preparing for the workshop, I found several pictures:
  1. Genesis Wilson age 6 and the youngest of my 7 grandchildren.
  2. My Grandmother
  3. My Mother
  4. Two pictures of myself: (a) at age 17; (b) at age 71
  5. And several pictures I extracted from my high school and college year book via cell phone
I am looking forward to the workshop and must say that looking at the pictures that I had not seen in a while took me down a pleasant memory lane trip.
The photos used for this story can be found in this post. And finally, on January 25th, the PSC will be getting books and calendars from The Philadelphia Free Library for their One Book, One Philadelphia program. Their featured book for 2018 is Jacqueline Woodson's "Another Brooklyn." I'm looking forward to reading this book myself, but I'm especially looking forward to seeing how the older buds like it. It'll be like a Best Day book club! So, there's lots of exciting stuff coming up this year.

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