Thursday, October 26, 2017

Happy Halloween (Joan and Loretta D.)

Halloween is fast approaching, a festival of candy, costumes, and the occasional bit of mischief. Let's take a look at the Halloweens of decades past, before the days of trick-or-treating at the mall, adult supervision and meticulously examining candy for poison.

Joan Bunting 
Halloween Story

Halloween is a time when people dress up to become whomever or whatever they want to be. 
As a young girl, my brothers and I made up our own costumes. Sometimes we would just mark our faces with charcoal, and sometimes I would wear one of my sister’s dresses or skirts or blouses. One Halloween, I wore my youngest brother’s pants and shirt and he wore a dress of mine and covered his head with a scarf. 
People thought he was me and I was him. We were just about the same size and only two years apart in age. The older girls in our block actually thought we were twins. 
They used to call me "Paul with the dress on." I could not for the life of me convince them that we were not twins. 
Whenever we’re together people are still saying we look like twins. At his church, one of his members called me "Paul with hair."
Back to Halloween. After I grew up, I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween for years. 
When I worked at Western Day Care Center, I dressed up for Halloween as a cowgirl. 
I had a hard time finding a gun and holster, but I finally found one at Toys R Us. 
A few years ago, I dressed up as an Indian princess. The center used to have a mask contest. I thought everyone dressed up. I didn’t have a mask. So everyone that entered the contest had to sign up. I just sat down. So someone came to me and asked if I was going to sign up. I answered no because I had no mask. That’s when I was told my costume is my mask. Guess what y’all? I won first prize. Who will you be this Halloween?
Loretta Dotson 
My Nutrition No No’s 

It is so easy making wrong choices concerning our daily lives. Junk food is everywhere. In stores our eye lend to entice us and children, or check our counters, on TV., etc. Basically everywhere. We know what’s good for us and what isn’t good. But, junk food looks good and taste oh so good. Yum. I would prefer to have a wedge of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or is “Pie a la mode” than to have a sugar free 4 oz. artificially flavored yogurt. Ugh. But, later in life we realize enough is enough. We can still enjoy our sweets but in moderation making sure we don’t overdo it. I have cut back on pepsi colas, Italian hoagies with everything on it, and pizza with pepperoni-mushrooms-sausage. Also my nightly milky way with sourdough pretzels. So much good stuff I had to eliminate or reduce. Oh, such misery. But, I know if I want to continue living I must continue eliminating my empty calories. So far it’s working I am doing okay but I can and will do better. I am careful not to consume my goodies around my children and grands. In other words I must practice what I preach. Woe is me.

No costumes this week, since I typically post photos from the week before. Hopefully next week's photos will be a little more spooky. Also, there's one older bud who did not want to be in the senior selfie, so her face was covered.

The Story Cure in Erie, PA came and went, but you can read Kaitlin Kortonick's (Best Day's Community Engagement Director) recap here. Also, you can read Story Cure's writing here since we're talking about all the different places we work with.

Don't forget, on this Sunday, October 29th, Best Day's Benita Cooper will be giving a lecture at the Perkins Center for the Arts' "Before I Die" Event. It starts at 3:15 and the address is 30 Irvin Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108.

And on November 9th Best Day will be having its Center City Philadelphia Happy Hour at the City Tap House. That starts at 6PM and the address is 2 Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103. City Tap House is actually very close to my job, so you can meet me in person. We can even do some Happy Hour Senior Selfies!

 Curated by Caitlin Cieri