Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Cup Runneth Over (Kara and Joe)

At Best Day, I usually facilitate the workshops alongside Neha and Hannah, but both of them had gotten a little busier lately and can't make every workshop. Fortunately, my friend Kara said she had some free time and wanted to see what The Best Day of My Life So Far was all about.

Turns out, Kara picked the perfect day to come in. The class was packed, with nine older buds and one extra volunteer, and we took up the entire table! She wrote for Joe (which is always a treat), heard everything the older buds wrote that day, and even stayed for our usual friendly post-reading discussion. This week, I've asked Kara to write about her experience at Best Day, and I'm posting the story she transcribed for Joe as well.
Kara Naklicki
A Great Day at Best Day

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of joining Caitlin at the Philadelphia Senior Center for Best Day of My Life So Far. I know she had been volunteering there for years, but I was finally able to see what it was all about. I had a great time! We got there early to set up, and she showed me around. We weren't sure about the turn out as the weather had been acting up a lot that week, but thankfully that wasn't a problem. We had a full group in, all ready to write and chat. I helped Joe write down an essay on his thoughts about artificial intelligence. It was great to have a conversation with him and hear his perspective. Caitlin helped a few others with their stories, and then it was time for everyone to read and listen. I loved all the different stories. Each person wrote about something personal to them, including memories of family, the effects of global warming, tales of a silly cat, and upcoming vacations. Everyone gave feedback and had conversations about the different subjects, and before we knew it time was up. I could see that everyone enjoyed writing and sharing with each other, and it was clear that this program was a huge success. I look forward to coming back and hearing more great stories and developing new friendships with everyone. It was a wonderful experience!
Joe Garrison

We all marvel at new technology, but how much do we want done for us?
Years ago, I wrote a story titled, “With Folded Hands.” It was a sci-fi story about a very advanced technological society. Humans had no function because robots would cook, clean, and babysit their children. There was a humanoid factory. We are getting closer to this future.
From “smart” phones, “smart” robots doing surgery, everything is automated or tech-based. It makes us question things like religion. I’m not afraid of admitting it. We’ve created a technoGod. People can’t live without machines. I saw a commercial about a restaurant where the waitress said, “the people care more about wi-fi than forks and knives.” We need a wi-fi free zone.
Technology has killed social interaction. It’s a sad commentary on human existence. I wonder in the future if our species will even have a function because machines have taken over.
Technology has a built-in blessing or a curse. No one thinks there is a downside. Phones are toys, not used properly. Everything is a gadget. Face to face human interaction is important!
People seem sicker because they are not exercising. Kids want to play videogames, not sports. We’re not utilizing our bodies.

Curated by Caitlin Cieri