Thursday, August 24, 2017

Many Happy Returns (Joan and Michael)

Like I've said many times before, we often have older buds disappearing from the group for one reason or another. Some leave due to scheduling conflicts, like Mike when he started taking the papier-mâché class. Some leave due to medical problems, like Joan. Even Kara, a volunteer who wrote one of our stories, had to take a break from Best Day due to meetings and appointments she couldn't reschedule.

But last week, they all came back! Joan's recovered and is planning on writing for us more regularly. Mike's class was cancelled this week, so our workshop was the first place we thought to go. And Kara came in to yet another class brimming with older buds. Every time she comes in, the class fills up. She's like a good luck charm!
So without further ado, here's some new stories from our old buds.

Joan Bunting 
What Do Others Say of Me? 

What do others say of me? 
How do I ack, what do they see? 
Do they see my shining light aglow? 
Or do they see fashion (or) show? 
Do they hear me spend in tones of love? 
Can they tell I know Jesus from above? 
How do I walk, what strides do I take? 
Are my legs strong, unholting walking the road that’s called straight? 
How do they see me? Soft spoken and humble? 
Or do I project to others as a mumbler? 
What do others say of me? 
"She’s just as hypocritical as can be."
Or do they say, "She’s a faithful soul, to Jesus her Savior, who has made her whole."
How do they feel when I enter a room? 
Am I greeted with smiles or faces of gloom? 
With noses turned up or with snobbish tones, 
What is being whispered about Sister Joan?

Michael Tsuei
After All

My best friend, her parents, recently passed away, both descended at twenty minutes from each other. They are both in the late eighties, both healthy and happy couple, always together, never far at parts to each other, dearly in love, every time. We had a family get together for the holidays with good friends. 
They were always holding hands, taking care of each other dearly. When the wife was feeling ill, stayed in the hospital, the husband stayed with her day and night. Then suddenly the wife’s condition get worsen, pass away while in their sleep. The husband’s heart broken, everyone felt his pain. At that night, he came home from the hospital, before that, he said goodbye to his children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, the next morning at his bed, the daughter found out he also passed away, never woke up.
I still remember these two so in love, around themselves or in the public. So the even grandchildren, sometimes get embraced said (OMG, old peopled do that, gross us out).
But the daughters grow up with their parents once made it common, have a different explanation (don’t forget everyone one's young once and crazy in love with someone or two…) 
In our Eastern tradition, most of us never very open to expressing the personal feelings in public or around friends. We’ve been told “You needs acting according to your age.  
So lots relatives talk about their behavior, may made bad example and erupt the young people.  
Now they are all gone, children start to miss their company so much, so deeply.
Just not too long ago the famous movie star Debbie Reynolds and her younger daughter (Princess Leia) both passed away in two days, then are no questions in my mind, when someone so in love with each other, may be that just want to go with it and never wanting to waken up!

Curated by Caitlin Cieri