Thursday, July 27, 2017

Backwards! (Elliot)

I just realized that I did things a little topsy turvy last week! I posted a story from Elliot called "Unforgettable Characters Part 2" and I didn't even put up the first part. Well, wait no longer, dear readers! You get to go back in time and read the first part second, including an introduction to Dr. Squeeze, who you met last week. And they say time travel isn't real...


Elliot Doomes
Unforgettable Characters 
There’s a gentlemen in our neighborhood. We lived on a small street called Nardane.
Every morning, he would come out and his first words would be, "My name is Cotton, and business is rotten." Usually, he would be half-high or on the way to getting drunk. I used to laugh at him all the time. He was like the joke of the day. I prejudged Mr. Cotton until one day I heard him arguing with one of his drinking constituents. And the guy talked about his family, his sisters, his brothers. I even remember him making derogatory comments about his mother. And I asked him, I said, "He’s talking about your mother like that and you’re not getting angry or mad?"
And he looked me straight in the eye. He said, "In order for a man to make me mad, he has to be smarter than me. And a dumb S.O.B ain’t never made me mad."
Needless to say, my opinion of Mr. Cotton changed right then. I had pre-judged him as a drunken bum, and my whole opinion of him changed right there and then. Next week, I’ll have to tell you about Dr. Squeeze!

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