Thursday, July 6, 2017

Independence Day (Joan, Hattie, Loretta)

This weekend is the Fourth of July, the day our founding fathers declared that the original thirteen colonies would be colonies no more. But in this warm, lazy summer it's also a time to fire up the grill, watch the fireworks, enjoy the weather and relax. Here's a few stories to put you in a summertime mood.

Joan Bunting 

Holidays, holidays, holidays. You anticipate the holidays, get all excited about them, and before you know, they come and they’re gone. Well the Fourth of July just past. The picnics, the cook-outs, the family reunions. Last but not least – the fireworks. 
My sister Doris invited me to join her Saturday to go to her oldest son’s house in Mount Airy. 
My oldest daughter had planned on having a gathering at her home in Collingdale Saturday as well. The weather forecasters announced rain on Saturday so my daughter had her cook-in on Friday. It was lots of fun with some of my grandkids and great-grandkids. 
The next day (Saturday) when it was supposed to rain, we (my sister Doris and I) were picked up by her son Albert, whom I hadn’t seen in years and were driven to Mount Airy. It’s very beautiful there and their house is awesome. 
Oh, I forgot, her youngest son, Richard, was with us and I also got to see one of Doris’s 
daughters – Linda – whom I hadn’t seen in years. 
We had a great time and guess what? It hardly rained at all. Which allowed my sister and I to enjoy Friday and Saturday. 
Beware, our next holiday will be here and gone before you know it. Labor Day. 

Hattie Lee Ellerbe 
I Love The Summer 

Even though it is raining today, it is a good day. It is almost the first day of summer 
and I am looking forward to it. I love the summer time. I am looking forward to all 
the fun time activities summertime brings. 
Cookouts are one of my favorites. You see people you haven’t seen since last 
summer. The conversation and the food in a word "delightful."
The days are longer and you seem to do more fun things. It’s as if you have more 
time to really appreciate family and friends. Most of my family prefer winter and 
fall...give me the good old summertime. 

Loretta Dotson 
The Real Philly Fanatic 

I was once a sports fanatic. Thank God I am now a nicer person. If you didn’t like my 
team or you disagreed with me concerning a player or a score, look out. I continue to 
love all my home teams, the good the bad and the terrible. If you didn’t like my 
choices, too bad. I was a smoking hot mess. Now often many, many years of self-
training, I am able to listen to others and not let my train run off the track. I might 
smile and say "You don’t say," then change the subject. I am now a nice, calm, sports loving person with age I have mellowed. I hope. 

Curated by Caitlin Cieri