Thursday, July 13, 2017

Happy Birthday Benita (Loretta G. and Liz)

Benita has just celebrated both her birthday and her 12 year anniversary of marriage to Jason Cooper. And Jason, being the gentleman that he is, surprised her with a limousine trip to a fancy restaurant. Does that make her wedding a birthday present? Did Jason come to the altar in shiny wrapping paper and a bow? Either way, I thought it only right to celebrate with stories of Benita and stories of...well, celebration.

Loretta Gaither
Mission Impossible Story
I went to the clinic last Friday and I was playing with the baby. My youngest son had a new baby and he’s about 3 or 4 months. I learned how to play pattycake and made the son laugh. They asked me if I wanted to move in with him, and I said no. I want to live with a senior partner but I’m glad I had my son laughing. Across the street from my church is Annie Thomas. I have a lot on my mind, but I do not give up, I just like people. I’m thankful for you, the volunteers, Loretta, and Joe, and this writing group. I’ll be 74 next month. I miss Benita, but I know she’s raising her sons. I like coming here for the arts. They try to make me upbeat, but I know we need to act like adults, not children, so I pay them no mind.
Signing off, Loretta Gaither. I love the Senior Writing Class, God Bless Benita and this class.

Liz Abrams
Treating My Older Sister Like a Kid
She said to me, a lady my sister of 60 -- That the circus was in town. I've never known my old sister, who was old before her time, a caretaker of everyone. I had never sen her play, she was a tomboy, 6 years older, never watch her play with dolls, jacks, but she liked jump rope.
My husband bought front row seats she got to sit up the front -- I bought her cotton candy, we bought popcorn, and watched my older sister, a person who intimidated me all my life -- cheered and clapped like a little girl.
When the show ended, she walked ahead of us, and she was crying softly with balloons in hand that we gave to her and we ask her why was she sad. She said not sad, but happy -- This was the first time anyone had taken her to the circus and gave her a balloon. Happy Days are here again we sand on the way home. 5 years she went to bed and did not wake up to go to work.

Curated by Caitlin Cieri