Friday, March 6, 2015

Elliot (Counselor-Guardian)

I've got a little story for you, by my bud Elliot. Elliot is awesome. I never know what he will write when he sits down at our storytelling table, but I always know whatever it is will sweep me away. I am not sure if he knows how powerful his thoughts are. If you just go by looks, if you just pass by him in the street, you may think he's a simple guy, but that can't be farther from the truth. He's a genius at making sense of life.

And so on the surface, the story you are about to read may seem fun and simple but its significance is huge. I will show you the story first and then explain...

Elliot Doomes

When Ms. Perez enters her little office in the basement, she takes on her secrete identity – she becomes the guardian.

Nothing will escape her vigilance.

I have seen her pick up her phone and put her two-edged sword to work. They put her on hold, they transfer her, but she holds on until she reaches the desired personnel.

She contacts doctors offices and hospitals to make appointments for me. For seniors who don’t have phones, she helps them to acquire call phones. She has helped me in a number of ways.

Don't worry, guardian angel, your secret identity is safe with me.
You see, a couple weeks before Elliot wrote this, Ms. Perez checked out our group's blog (hi there, Ms. Perez, if you are here with us again!) and saw another story I had posted by Elliot called "Real Wealth." (You guys can reread it here.) Elliot told her that he had been attending our group for some time now and casually gave her the blog's link. That story changed their relationship instantly.

She said to him, "I didn't know you can write like that. I didn't know you think like that." Elliot was beaming when he recalled what had happened to our storytelling group. "She talks with me now. She had never done that before. She used to talk to me but not with me. Before, she would just remind me of when my appointments are but that's it. Now she asks me how I am doing personally." She even printed out a copy of Elliot's story to keep at her desk.

And so, Elliot wrote this new story about Ms. Perez for a reason – it’s a gift for Ms. Perez to thank her for seeing him for who he is. Because what better way is there to thank someone for seeing who you are, than to tell them you see them for who they are too?

There's a big difference between ordinary day-to-day interaction and a meaningful relationship. And I feel like with just a couple "little" stories, Elliot and his counselor might have just made the giant leap. I am really happy for both of them.