Thursday, October 30, 2014

Loretta D (I Got This)

You know what makes someone cool in my book? Someone who can look life in the eye, with all the good, the bad, the ugly, the uncertain, the scary, and say, I got this. And mean it. This would make Loretta, my new senior bud, the coolest of the cool.

She has been with us for a month now, but the imprint she’s made on the group makes me feel like I have known her for so much longer. I will never forget the first time she came. When Frances, my senior bud who calls out the reading order each week, asked who wanted to read first, Loretta raised her hand. Needless to say, she fit right into the group and has not missed a session since, radiating more and more courage and optimism every time. “I got this” isn’t just the title of her story; it’s her true spirit through and through. I like that style of living. To me, it's awesome.

Loretta Dolson
I Got This

The more we experience life's changes, the more we should enjoy what we have. There's been great times, there's been terrible times. But thank God the great times overtook the bad times.

When we know or believe our container is half-full, not half-empty, we are believing all is not so bad. I have this fear that dark clouds are rumored to have silver linings so we shall wait and see. Being optimistic is my way of coping with many things and it works.

Just knowing and believing the best is yet to come keeps your spirits up and you can fare any situation.

I just smile and think to myself, I got this.

When I hear sad news or bad news, I say to myself, I got this. So as we experience all types of situations, some welcoming, some annoying, just smile, take a deep breath and say, I got this. I have to make the best of all situations so I can continue stating, "I got this".

(I ended up in a different direction than what I thought I would write about. With pen in hand, here, I started feeling very optimistic, and this story came out. The title is, "I Got This.")