Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Elliot (What I Remember)

“When I was a child we were poor, but who knew?”  I have never heard words that are as delicate and as strong. I have never heard words that bear the magnitude of life’s struggles with so much grace, humor and love. When Elliot read these words out loud, squinting at his handwritten paper through his glasses, each word steadily appearing after the previous one like a hill climb, the room went quiet for a second in awe of the beautiful thought that was just shared. And then, my senior buds around the table repeated the sentence like lyrics to a new, favorite song, and let out in unison the sweetest laugh.
Elliott Doomes
What I Remember

When I was a child we were poor, but who knew? We had everything we needed. We had food, clothes, and shelter.

What I remember most is the fun we had playing. Swimming, basketball, baseball and a game you don’t see anymore called kick the can.

I remember Sunday dinners. When the whole family sat around the table after grace. We ate together as a family.