Saturday, August 24, 2013

How It Feels to Be Here

I realized something when I was talking with Lea the other day. The fabulous Lea as you know from recent blog posts co-facilitates our weekly storytelling sessions with me now and will serve as the lead facilitator once my baby arrives :) She is also my co-author for Best Day’s long awaited Facilitator Training Guide*. We were talking about what goes through my head when I am with our senior buds in class and when I write you all on this blog right here.

I realized that being at the class and vs. here at the blog stretches my emotions to opposite extremes. When I am facilitating and hanging with my buds, I feel pumped and on fire; when I am here blogging and reflecting, I feel calm and at peace. And the million of emotions between fire and peace, those I get to tap into when I look into different seniors’ stories – there’s always a story for every mood that I need.

I got thinking… there’s living by going through the motions, and then there’s being truly alive by being able to feel human. And that’s not just one feeling but a million mixed emotions. As the original facilitator and blogger for Best Day, I get to experience the full spectrum of that. I can’t tell you how lucky and grateful it feels to be “here” with you at Best Day in all its physical and digital forms.

* The Best Day team is currently selecting individuals and venues to receive advance copies of our Facilitator Training Guide, so you too can start a group in your neighborhood, and experience firsthand how wonderful it feels to be a facilitator and blogger. I am living proof – not only will you change seniors’ and younger listeners’ lives, your life will dramatically improve too. Email us at or Facebook message us to find out more!

Norman Cain
The Best Day Of My Life So Far Website

This week I spent some time looking at the Best Day of My Life (So Far) website and was surprised to learn that I have been attending the class for 2 ¼ years. Time really flies. Everyone in the group was represented with pictures…individual and groups…in the videos…and, of course, with true life stories. The Best Day Of My Life (So Far) website is a beautiful and spiritual creation that represents the love of our group and it will be in the technological sphere forever.

Henrietta Faust
Thank You to the www

I must say thank you to the
www, for being a way that I can
Use to heal myself, a way that I
Can meditate, a place I can turn to,
A way to be human.
I say thank you www because I
Can go back to each frozen
Place-in-my-past, and with
God’s help, unfreeze each trauma
Each trauma that I could not
Deal with in the moment, because
I was busy surviving – I was too busy
Keeping a job in a world that said “No”.
The World Wide Web said, “Yes to all,” and “If you
Have it, bring it”. For that I
Thank the www. You who level all
Playing fields. With you the fear factor
Is gone. Thank you www for access to
Information. Are you reading me?
Then blog me back. Now healing starts

Loretta Gaither
Our Website

I enjoyed seeing our class’ website last week.  My stories were read out loud. It made me feel good because other people could hear about my thoughts through my writing.  I liked seeing all of our photos on “Facebook” because they help me remember the good times in class.  It was nice to see our happy faces including our deceased classmate, Arthur Murray.  It reminded me of all the things we have done together in this class.

Valerie Dolphin
A Guest’s Impression of the Writing Group

When I enter a room and every one applauds, I like it. I assume everyone does.  So my first impression of the writers group is one of acceptance and joy. A community of self assured writers. Though there is little sophistication here, there is plenty of raw joy.  Each person knows the other, and celebrates who they are. They know each other through the stories they write, the stories they have listened to. There are no rules here. One doesn’t even have to write, but nearly everyone does….who doesn’t want the applause…and more than the applause, who doesn’t want their story heard.  This is community. Wonderful, wonderful community. A place where all are known, all are celebrated.

Beatrice Newkirk
Our Special Class

Our special class is our writing class. We have so many things to be thankful for: just being able to be here, waking up this morning, being able to come to this class again. I can’t wait to hear our members’ stories. We have so much fun. Everyone is special.  We love getting together here and hearing every one’s story.  I can’t wait until next Thursday at one o’clock.