Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meet Kian

Hi Readers - meet the brand new (and I mean brand new) member of the Best Day family...

I am happy to share that my beautiful son Kian Cooper was born last week! The birth went awesome, and the whole family is doing well! As I learn to be a mom ;) and keep a low profile here on the blog for the next weeks, my team will continue to work hard to keep up our weekly senior storytelling sessions, and to bring you stories through all our other platforms, so please be sure to stay connected with us through any (and preferably all!) of the following:

Besides delivering free, inspirational stories and tips you won’t find anywhere else, FB, Twitter, and our Story Letter is where we will reveal 2 exciting things our team is busy making for you:
(1) A keepsake storybook that will inspire you and loved ones of all ages
(2) A facilitator training guide that will allow anyone to start a Best Day senior storytelling group anywhere

Besides working on all of this, my team tells me that there's “STUFF” in the works that even I don't know about! Stay connected with us for a surprise from our seniors. Personally, I love surprises so I am stoked!

You can always still drop me a note on FB btw – I am available there to chat. OK, gotta go check on lil Kian now! I’ll be back, right here, with all you guys, super soon!!

Thanks for all your love and support, Benita