Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Helen (Waiting for Santa Claus)

Well, looks like you guys have been pretty nice because look who is coming to town...! Little ones and big ones, time to get giddy!

Helen H. Lahr
Waiting for Santa Claus

In my neighborhood Santa makes his entrance on the Saturday before Christmas. 

So, on Friday night, prior to his coming, my granddaughter came over accompanied by her little ones.  How happy Deidre (my daughter) and I were!  Our home was full of joy and excitement, mostly because the great grands were having so much fun.

Finally, it was bed time.  Then, everything was quiet.  The adults sat around the Christmas tree.  The girls played CDs with Christmas music and carols softly while we snacked on goodies.  How we have fun just being together and reminiscing about happenings in the past.

Finally, we went to bed!  Morning came.  Noon came.  All of us went out on the lawn.  Soon what did we hear, but the sound of horns honking in the distance.  Then, around the bend came a large red fire engine with Santa on top, yelling, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”  Children from down the road came running up screaming, “It’s Santa, it’s Santa!”

My little ones (4 of them) were also screaming as Santa went by.  And you know what?  I was as happy and giddy acting as the children, although I’m a senior citizen.