Friday, December 16, 2011

Bernice (Just Being Here)

To my silly bud Bernice, I was so sad to hear that you got sick again but I am so happy you are in rehab and doing well – I am sure you are making all the nurses and therapists laugh as hard as you make us laugh in class with your funny stories. I liked saying hi to you on Beatrice’s cell phone when she put it up to your ear at the hospital a couple weeks ago, and I liked that you asked her to call me the other day so I knew you were getting better. I miss you so much!

Bernice Moore
Just Being Here

It is good to be able to see everyone because I have been home sick with my granddaughter.   She took good care of me. I missed a lot of my friends.  It is good to be around good people.  May God bless everyone.

Beatrice Newkirk
My Missing Link

My missing link is my sister. She is sick and in the hospital. She is now in rehab. She is coming along fine now. I am very thankful for everyone who has asked about my sister. She sends everyone her love. She misses the class very much. I tell her what everyone is saying about her.

She will be here soon. I can’t say when, time waits for no one. She was not talking at first. Now she is doing a little better. I felt real bad when she got sick. Everyone has a sick day at some time. God is the head doctor. He has the last say.

Have a nice day,
Beatrice Newkirk

Beatrice Newkirk
A Time to Remember

A time to remember is about good things. We never should forget the good things.  Remembering things that you should never forget.  Thinking about what happened years ago or what happened weeks and days ago. Like when my sister got sick and when I went to see her and she could not talk. But now thanks to God, she is alright.  She is talking up a storm and she is not on a machine. Time does not stand still. Sometimes I think about the good things in life, and I count my blessings.