Monday, April 11, 2011

Michael (Soo Chow)

Hi world! Hi Monday! Hi spring! If you are in Philly too, how are you liking this fabulous weather? Finally, a legitimate no-coat-required-iced-coffee-appropriate spring day. Not in Philly? No prob! We’ve got just the story to get you in the mood for spring, wherever you are in the world. Soo Chow may be beautiful, but Michael’s observations are what really take my breath away. Only a man who truly honors life and loves nature can say something so gentle and wise.

Michael Chan Man-Tin
Soo Chow

I was born in the beautiful countryside in Soo Chow, China. The water is running all the year long, but it flows in a different way depending on the season- winter, spring, summer, fall. The trees look different too in each season. Spring is the best season I like. The flowers of different plants together all form one big garden. It’s a beautiful world. I hope one day I can return to my country.

I needed not have a private garden. The whole town is full of flowers and grains growing on the farms.